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What is an Order Picker?

An order picker is used in warehouses to help operators reach higher-level stacks. Order pickers are similar to forklifts but have a platform on which a worker can stand to pick a given sample from the inventory.  In modern logistics, order pickers correctly remove the products from multiple piles and create the final order. Warehouses are usually stacked with equipment packages. Whenever any single unit is to be reached from bundled equipment, order pickers can prove to be very useful.

Top Order Picker Types

Ground Level Order Pickers

These are the most suitable vehicle to prepare orders when all the pallets (or full loads) are placed on the ground. Ground level order pickers, aids the operator when he has to choose between various loads to create the final order. Warehouses with low investment and smaller SKUs opt for these pickers to speed-up the picking process and minimising the chances for error.

Low-level Order Pickers

Low level order pickers enable the operator to reach low heights. They usually lift the operator to 1m, enabling him to reach the levels around 2.5m. To ensure the personnel’s safety, they may offer vibration-cushioned platforms or safety mats for a smooth working operation. They are used where equipment are arranged on each other to optimize and increase the storage space.

Medium to High Level Order Pickers

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How Much Does an Order Picker Cost?

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Average Cost

Top Uses For Order Pickers

Warehouse Stock Management

Consider an online business like Amazon which cannot let their stock drop. Whenever they’ve dispatched an order, the operator must stock the inventory before it runs out. Order pickers are used to freshen up the stock by individually placing the items in a systematic order.

Pharmaceutical company

Think of a pharmaceutical company which produces various kinds of medicines and need to dispatch them to different pharmacies and hospitals. Order pickers can prove to really helpful in fully customizing orders for each pharmacy according to its need.

Vehicles’ Parts Company

Another order picker usage can be in a factory warehouse which produces producing multiple vehicles’ parts have to store them systematically. Whenever they need to dispatch a set of certain part or multiple parts as one unit, they will use order picker to swipe between the racks and choose the correct part.

Order Picker Specification

Lift Height Up to 12m
Load Capacity 400-1,300kg
Lift Duration Up to 3,000+ hours 
Weight Up to 3,000kg
Dimensions (LxW) 2m x 1.5m
Ground Clearance Up to 100mm


What Our Expert Says

“Order pickers are the perfect solution for when you need complete precision in your warehouse stock management. Their high lift height means you can  stack high while still maintaining easy access to everything.”

Will Bradley, Co-Founder at Forkify

Should I Buy or Hire an Order Picker?

The choice between buying and hiring an order picker depends upon your requirements and budget. If you have a tight budget, less inventory and limited personnel and occasional usage (1-6 months), you may opt to hire an order picker. But if your warehouse is extensive, have a long-term application (from 6-12 months) and flexible budget, buying can be the best option. Before buying you should consider the type, class and the brand of the order picker. If hiring is suitable, you should have to consider the rent charges as well the timings of the usage.

How Does It Work?

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Popular Order Picker Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Order Picker brand?

It all depends upon your requirements. The main manufacturers are LINDE, STILL, CLARK, RAYMOND, CROWN, JUNGHEINRICH, TAWI, MITSUBISHI, CAT Lift Trucks, TOYOTA etc. We’d recommend speaking with an expert if you don’t have a particular brand in mind yet. 

Is an order picker a forklift?

Order pickers are a modification of general forklifts. A forklift enables the operator to sit in a cabin and manually operate the packages using pronged forks. Whereas order picker serves as a platform for an operator to stand on and retrieve the item using their hands. 

Where do Order Pickers fit into warehouse operations?

Order pickers are used to retrieve warehouse items which are too small to be handled mechanically, and thus need a human on a platform. In the same way, order pickers are used to restock shelves after an order has been shipped. 

What does an Order Picker do?

Order pickers enable the operator to manage the warehouse equipment efficiently. Operators can reach high to low level stacks in storage area using order pickers. Operators can also transfer, label, retrieve, and rearrange items using order pickers more professionally.

Order Picker VS Reach Truck: What’s the difference?

Order pickers have an added platform for the worker to go up to the rack level in inventory for manual picking. Meanwhile, reach trucks don’t allow the operator’s to move from the cabin. He stays in the cabin and the packages are moved mechanically.  Reach trucks are specifically used for narrow-aisles warehouses.

Order Picker vs Low Level Order Picker: What’s the difference?

A Low Level Order Picker is a type of Order Picker, used in warehouses where inventory is kept close the ground. There are, however, also Medium and High Level Order pickers, which are used for warehouses with higher racks.